Maria Lexhagen

Pop Culture Tourism Academy – The Movie

Two of the researchers in the Pop Culture Tourism Academy recently starred in their own movie! Well, movie might be a bit of an exaggeration but at least we had professional camera and sound equipment as well as staff directing us. Our purpose is to communicate our research findings in a couple of short movies. We will let you know as soon as they are out and we will be very happy if you would help us circulate them on the Internet and make them “go viral”!

We made three short movies which cover the development of our research on pop culture tourism, our main findings and the implications for destinations as well as insights about travelling fans, and also some ideas about the future. It was a truly great experience to challenge ourselves out of our comfort zone (i.e. writing scientific papers) and into the format of making short movies about our research to a broad audience of interested people (academic and non-academic).

I think communicating research is always a challenge and that modern formats using technology to support this communication is not yet used to any great extent. However, whatch out! Although this was our first attempt, and probably the resulting short movies will not be nominated for any Oscar’s, I’m sure we will try it again and finally hopefully get it right!