Maths Bertell

NoCHs: Nordic Culture and History higher seminar at MIUN

 What’s this?

The NoCHs is an online seminar
aiming to bring scholars from
different disciplines and
different affiliations together
in discussions on the historical
Northern Europe. NoCHs is organized
and run by Maths Bertell, department
of humanities at Mid Sweden
University (MIUN). At Mid Sweden
University we have had online student
seminars for several years, and it


Our intention is to establish an arena for scholars and scholars-to-be. By having internet seminars, it will be possible to create environments and make scholars connect to each other in a small field of research, at no cost.


The seminar is intended for master students and above.


The seminars are held in a program called Adobe Connect, which allows you to show PowerPoint slides, texts and other things that would be expected at a ’normal’ seminar. To participate in a seminar you need a computer, a microphone and head phones (or a headset). You might also want to use a webcam. To join, send me an e-mail (maths.bertell@miun) so that I know you are participating. Log in through this link: Log in as ‘guest’.

Why not meet in real life?

Meeting at seminars and symposiums is always nice, but rare occasions. By having a continuing seminar series, NoCHs will fill out the periods between those occasions. No need to pay expensive air fares to fly people around the globe and a lot easier to squeeze in to your fully booked calendar.

On the dull side

Well, the post seminars aren’t as gleaming as the regular, irl ones.

Hope to see you at the seminar!