Maths Bertell

The Rise of Odin. An unexpected journey?

On Tuesday 18 November,
Maths Bertell will discuss
Odins Roman and Christian
legacy from a conversion
theoretical point of view.
What part did the converts
play in the conversion of
Scandinavia? It is said that
conversion is very much up
to the converts and that
the missionaries has little
to do with the end result.
How much does the heritage
of the Roman Empire and early
Christianity show in the Old
Norse texts? Religious
influence or religious loans
crosses into a culture where
they make sense and if the
motifs of the myths are
identifiable from the indigenous
cultures own universe. This would mean that the Odin mythology had
things in common with Roman warrior culture and early Christianity.
The pre-history of the medieval texts lurks in the shadows, but is it possible
to see what’s what?

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