Maths Bertell

Two women, two places, two graves. On life, worldview and death in the Viking Age – from an archaeological perspective.

On 2 June, 16.00 local Swedish time, Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson, AFL, Stockholm University, visits our NoCH seminar! Abstracts200_charlotte.hedenstierna-jonson “The Viking Age was a time of transition between an older societal structure and an established medieval state. This transition implied a change in the very fabric of society where power over people gradually transferred into territorial rule with a centrally administered organization. One of the more decisive new features of the era was the establishing of ports of trade. The archaeological material from these sites presents a society formed by long-distance interactions and the cultural, religious etc contacts that this provided. With the gradual introduction of a new religion, Christianity, the Viking Age was also a period of religious statements where people seem to have chosen sides in an on-going religious power-struggle. The structural changes and new cultural and religious influences are reflected in the diversified burial customs. The predominant cremation burials with mound super structures and other marking features were complemented by inhumations of various sorts and sizes. In this seminar we will, through an archaeological perspective, deconstruct two different graves, situated in different parts of present day. The graves are both linked to ports of trade, they contain women with influence in society that upheld contact with far reaching trade networks. At the same time they represent two different lives, with diverse approaches to both life and death. The aim is to present how archaeological theory and method can contribute to the discussion on religious expressions, practice and belonging during the period of religious conversion.” The seminars are held in a program called Adobe Connect, which allows you to show PowerPoint slides, texts and other things that would be expected at a ’normal’ seminar. To participate in a seminar you need a computer, a microphone and head phones (or a headset). You might also want to use a webcam. To join, send me an e-mail ( so that I know you are participating.