Visit from Professor Patrick Scott

by Evangelia Petridou

As we are all preparing to start a new and exciting semester, Patrick Scott visited Mid Sweden University and the RCR lab for some inspirational lectures and discussions on August 10-15. Professor Scott is a professor of Public Administration at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. His research and teaching interests include American government, organization theory, red tape, public management, and ethics and leadership in the public sector, while he is also an expert on experimental design. On Friday, Jörgen Sparf and Evangelia Petridou sat down for a discussion with Professor Scott as part of the RCR Lab podcast series. That afternoon, Patrick gave a lecture on theoretical aspects of leadership, applicable both in the private and the public sector. On Monday afternoon Patrick presented his paper “Using Organizational Culture Concepts to Understand Red Tape “, while on the following day he gave a talk titled “Experiments in Public Management? Policy Sciences? You Can’t be Serious!”.

This sparked an inspired discussion between the audience and Patrick on methodological issues, the uniqueness of the lab, the tensions between controlling variables and mundane and experimental realism and what that means for the future of lab experiments and social science research using experimental research design. Patrick also sat down to discuss the set-up of the general test scheduled to take place at the RCR lab in October, 2018. Professor Scott is going to visit us again in November, 2018 to help us learn from the general test experience. The podcast will be available on our web site shortly, in the meantime you can watch a recording of his talk on experiments here.